BHi Tournament Rated players

OPEN:   Open to all players.

INTERMEDIATE:   3 Open rated players

REC:   1 Open rated player or 4 Inter rated players 

BARN:   3 Rec rated players only – no Open or Intermediate rated players  (No rated Goalies) 

COED COMP:   1 open & 1 Inter rated players or 3 Inter rated players

COED REC:   No Open or Inter rated players.  Only 3 rec rated players (No rated Goalies) 

SHACK:   only 3 Barn rated players, No Open, Inter, or Rec rated players allowed ( No Rated Goalies)

Any player that plays in two division in the same tournament will be rated on the highest division

A player can not play in the Rec and Shack division in the same tournament even if they aren`t rated, they can only play in the Barn and Shack division. Same as the Inter and Barn division. 

UPDATED AS Sept 15th, 2023 (After September Shootout Tournament)